Branding Experience with Photographer Julia | Indoor Studio Session

Mentorship Opportunities with Tara Dunn Photography

Working with photographers that are just getting started on their entrepreneurial journey. As part of the mentorship photography programs I offer you will receive an opportunity to be in front of the camera! This branding session will be planned just for you so you will be able to introduce yourself as the photographer you’ve been dreaming to be! I will be here to guide you, support you and encourage you along the way.

Julia opted for the three month program and as part of that we created this branding session just for her! We spent weeks planning out exactly how she wanted it to look and what she was going to wear. She was able to relax and have fun while experiencing a 2 hour branding session with me!

Sound like something you would like to know more about? Are you looking for a mentor as you begin your photographer journey? Click the link below for more information on Tara Dunn Photography Mentorship Options and to schedule your complimentary Dream Call! Branding Experience with Photographer Julia | Indoor Studio Session

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