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Leah is one of my dearest friends AND she is a phenomenal photographer as well! She has most recently started a health journey in which she was ready to do some a photographer branding session of her own. So, we decided to go out to one of her favorite spots just as the sun was rising.

It’s such an honor to be able to take branding photos of another photographer as they are trusting me to capture their authentic selves. Because Leah is a beautiful woman inside and out, her genuine smile radiates love. And she captures families and beyond in such a way that you can just feel the joy through her photos!

Here are some more thoughts on ways to incorporate your style into your own photo session whether you are a photographer or not!

Branding sessions are a great way for photographers to showcase their style and personality.

Ideas for a Session:

  1. Outdoor shoot: Photographers could choose a location that is meaningful to them or reflects their personal style. This could be a park, a city street, a beach, or a rural area. The photographer could take photos of themselves with their camera equipment, or with props that reflect their brand, such as a vintage camera or a bouquet of flowers.
  2. Studio shoot: Photographer branding session could be set up a studio session to take professional headshots or action shots. They could experiment with different lighting setups and poses to create a unique look.
  3. Lifestyle shoot: Photographers could create a lifestyle shoot that showcases their brand in action. This could involve photographing them in the process of shooting a wedding or event, or working with a model to capture their style in action.
  4. Behind-the-scenes shoot: Photographers could give their clients a peek behind the curtain by taking photos of themselves in the process of editing photos, selecting props, or brainstorming new ideas. This can help create a personal connection with clients and show off the photographer’s personality.
  5. Collaborative shoot: Photographers could collaborate with other creatives, such as makeup artists or fashion designers, to create a unique branding session that showcases their style in a collaborative setting. This can help create a more dynamic and engaging shoot that showcases the photographer’s unique style.
https://leahhopephotography.com/: LEAH HOPE | PHOTOGRAPHER BRANDING SESSION

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