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I want to help you design your brand, almost like this brand designer! When you book with me, we can totally individualize your session. We can go anywhere you like, and I will go to any lengths to capture the vision that you share with me! I desire to get to know more about you, your brand. And how it all started. Knowing this information helps me truly grasp the vision for your brand. I love picturing how you will grow in the years to come! This stays in my mind the entire session, and this helps me with your marketing strategy as well!

Booking a branding session also gives you a new brand design. This can help you revamp your website and social media pages. Branding sessions are the fun part of your business. This is a time to sit back and picture your future!

Meet Jennifer!

You deserve a brand as dope as you are, and I can help your business achieve that!

If you’ve been thinking about a rebrand or a new website, look no further sis, I’m your girl!

Fill out my inquiry form and let’s set up a consultation to see if we’d make a good fit!

Www.jadeleconsulting.com/contact for more info



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